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Earplugs for those with smaller ear canals. Noise reduction rating (NRR) 29 decibels. For sleep, study, work, shooting sports, travel, power tools, loud events, etc.


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Channing Allen

I bought these for my partner and she loves them! They're the first kind she's come across that actually stay in her ears for the whole night :) 10/10, would buy for my petite partner again.

Jenny Nguyen

I have upstairs neighbors and all of the sound travels down to my apartment. I have a hard time tuning them out and used to get woken up by them every morning before finally giving in and trying earplugs. I was resistant to it before - not being able to hear if something happens in the middle of the night was scary for me. Regular-sized earplugs would always be a chore to get in my ears, sometimes I'd spend 15 minutes trying to get them to stay, but these earplugs are so great! They stay in my ears for the most part and I can get a good night's rest! I'm so glad that my partner ordered these for me - I had no idea that they made smaller earplugs.

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